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SMPS Design

If you are looking for my blog on SMPS design, see the Publications tab on this website. There are links to EEWeb. Eventually I will turn the raw blog into a few articles that are more suitble for general reading. The dialog on the blog is found in the Power Mangement Professions Linked In Group.

Has Startbucks Tuned Out?

I love Starbucks. I even have a gold card that I proudly display at the register, except in Asia where it does not work. And the Asian cards don't work in the US. This is sort of a drag because I wanted to show off my card from Tokyo, but it does not work. But I digress...

Something that has been bugging me is how orders are taken. I first have to give my order the coffee wench, then I have to repeat it to the cashier. It has been like this for a long time. But something new has happened. Now the cashier must input all the small details of the order into the computer so it can keep inventory. Because the coffee wench holds the cup, I have to answer 3-4 more questions. Even worse, the line slows down, and the cashier is stressed out. No more friendly greeting.

Seems like Starbucks has designed procedures for its own benefit, not mine. Just like the times I have been kicked out right at closing time because the employees must follow the rules to stay out of trouble.

Has Starbucks Tuned Out?

The Perfect Product: Priceless

I have been in Penang, Malaysia these days helping a company integrate a new product into their manufacturing line and getting feedback on user experience. A little luck came my way and I got invited to a Malaysian wedding reception.

Wedding Flower

A prayer was invoked in Malay with chanting of the Koran in Arabic. The couple dressed as King and Queen. Friends and Family visited them on their throne and sprinkled water and flower petals on their hands, then gave them their hand to congratulate them. The president of the local company and I were invited up to give them our blessing as honored guests.

King and Queen

The bride and bridegroom made a very happy couple; how can anyone improve on that? No man made product can match the value of a wedding: infinite value value zero cost.

Weddind Couple


I waited in line for an iPad yesterday so I could play with it and imagine some applications. Most of my friends said there was no room for a device between an iPhone and laptop. I imagine lots of applications, such as automating a doctors office or auto repair shop, but the argument fell on deaf ears. I asked people in line why they wanted one and most people gave answers like: I travel a lot and want to watch movies, read e-mail, and use maps, and this is small, but not too small. I let my daughter play with it and she thinks it is cool. For her it is a social networking and media platform, not a homework machine.

Only time will tell, but I still can imagine lots of ways to use it for business, so I guess I better sharpen my Object C skills and write my first app.


Yahoo! I am at Silicon Valley PCamp to learn how un-conferences work. About 900 people registered. The place is coming to life and votes are being made. The top 15 internet voted topics make up the morning sessions. The bottom 15 are pasted to the window and we are "dotting" them to see what wins for the afternoon sessions. We each get three votes. I'm cheer leading for the "how to overrule the engineers in a startup" topic :-) Since I am a product manager with an engineering background, I guess I'll learn how to tell myself what to do! Everyone is playing with TweetDeck. I am not a Twitter fan, but it hooks into Facebook and Linked In, so I'll give it a try. If you are into social networking, you might want to give it a try. ----------- Companies that were hiring were allowed to get up and announce their openings. 25-30 people made announcements for product marketing, management, developers, sales, etc. They where asked to write "Hiring" on their badge so people could find them and they could bask in the su ...
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